Quick life update:

  • Not much has changed since my last post, honestly.
  • I went back home to LA for a couple of weeks over the holidays to see my family and it was brill.
  • I’m writing for The Gloss more. A satirical piece that I wrote in response to the infamous XO Jane Black-Girl-In-My-Yoga-Class piece performed particularly well.
  • I did my taxes wowee.
  • Winter doesn’t want to end.
  • I saw Arctic Monkeys and Deerhunter, got to meet Bradford Cox. Definitely worth freezing my ass off for.
  • I bought a crop top.
  • Hung out with some longtime internet friends at a drunken karaoke night.

And speaking of that drunken karaoke night, just prior to that I stopped by photographer Petra Collins‘ first solo show, Discharge, at a Chinatown gallery called Capricious88. The turn out was unreal and I got a chance to meet Petra.

petra collins discharge gallery show opening

I plan on visiting the gallery again for a more solitary walk through of the pieces. I’ll definitely post photos of it and share my thoughts. Knocking on wood, for sure.

And in the spirit of keeping promises and actually finishing what I’ve started, a friend and I are planning a small zine project, Identity. It’ll focus on the stories of women of color as they navigate their identity and sense of belonging through subcultures that are largely thought of as white spaces, like punk scenes. The title is based on the X-Ray Spex song of the same name:

I’m really excited to finally get started on it after some major procrastination on my part. E-mail ashleyandjordanpunkproject@gmail.com for any submissions or questions.

Regarding updates: Promises can be hard to keep, especially when you’re so busy. I write every day for my job and sometimes it’s really easy to get into a habit of being too tired to write for yourself. I’m terrified of the idea of writing becoming an actual chore, so I’m going to push myself more than ever to write whatever bullshit I feel like writing about.

This post is an example of said bullshit.

As always, thanks for reading. For more frequent dribbles and drabbles, follow me on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.



November 14, 2013



People keep telling me that 23 is a good year. Now I think my expectations are too high, but we’ll see!

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Oh, Hi

October 19, 2013

the smiths diy denim jacket pretty girls make graves



For real this time. No, but seriously, I have lot’s of renewed interest in picking this blog back up again. A lot has changed since my last post way back in March. I’ve relocated to NYC, I have a job as a writer at Gurl.com and…well, okay, that’s all that has actually changed. I’m still that girl who gets style inspiration from Spice World, argues with racists online, and can easily talk about Harry Potter for a few hours straight and not get tired of it. I just pay taxes on top of all of that now.

Anyway, watch this space! Expect more posts of some semblance of substance and follow me elsewhere on the Internet to get an even better idea of what kind of weirdo you’re dealing with here.


There is something special about other super stylish people complimenting your own style.  There is something even more special about said super stylish people taking photos of you for their blog/portfolio/etc.  That’s why I was incredibly flattered this afternoon at the Melrose Trading post when I ran into these brothers who did just that.  The Durimel brothers have their own blog, which has plenty of links to their other social media hangouts.  They also do street style photography for Toan Magazine.

I tried on a windbreaker and as dope as it looked, it was better suited for them.  But they quickly directed me to a floral blazer and, honestly, it is the closest I’ve been to experiencing love at first sight.  Seriously.




Wearing: Vintage floral blazer, F21 lace dress, NEW Warby Parker glasses (Ainsworth), and black doc martens.

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I never thought I’d site James fucking Spader as a style inspiration.  But his character in Pretty in Pink was more memorable than most of that movie, honestly, and so was his 80s preppy dickhead look.


So I guess I threw my own spin on it with an asymmetrical fro to top it all off.



Wearing: Thrifted salmon coat, chiffon blouse + riding pant + shoes from American Apparel, MAC Red lipstick by MAC, and Orgasm blush by NARS.

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